Whirlwind MD-1

Whirlwind MD-1

A broadcast quality mic preamp performs alongside a high-performance input transformer to feed the MD-1 high-current line driver and headphone monitor amp. An input pad and level control let you adjust for almost any mic or line level signal (up to 60dB of gain). Or pass the unprocessed signal to the output (loop thru) while monitoring it with headphones. 


  • A separate balanced line level Aux input to the headphone amp for monitoring a program mix, a console foldback or a director's cues
  • Headphone volume control and a separate MIX control allow you to adjust the headphone balance between the mic driver section and Aux input
  • Built-in 18V phantom power (switchable)
  • Steel case with belt clip resists abuse
  • Two alkaline 9V batteries are mounted in slide out trays for easy access


  • Input Impedance:
    Mic Mode: 1.5k Ohms
    Line Mode: 10k Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohms
  • Max Input Signal:
    Mic Mode: -4dBm
    Line Mode: +12dBm
  • Frequency Response:
    ±3dBm, 6Hz-25kHz
    -2dBm @ 20Hz
    -1dBm @ 20kHz
  • Maximum Output Level:
    +15dB into 2k Ohms
    +26dB into 10k Ohms
    +34dB into 100k Ohms
  • Phantom Power: +18VDC
  • Power Requirements: (2) 9V alkaline batteries